About Us

RTN QR Pay is a subsidiary of RealTime Networking, a software company situated in Milledgeville, Georgia. RealTime Networking is well established in the C-store market and has been in business for over 10 years in more than 30 states.

RTN QR Pay - A rapid, contactless checkout alternative that is by its by nature revolutionary. Customers can pay in a completely contactless way by standing back and scanning a QR code with the RTN QR Pay app on their phone. RTN QR Pay paves way for the merchants to the contactless payments in such simple and convenient way that after registering for onboarding, they can be up and live within 24 hrs.

A fresh, effective technique of cash withdrawal is the RTN Pay Digital ATM. It is a platform for the disposal of virtual currency. You can now withdraw cash from any neighbourhood stores that have been converted into "cashpoints." The service combines the benefits of cash with those of a mobile application.

RTN Pay QR Payment is an all-in-one mobile payment, loyalty, and rewards app. With each purchase, users accrue points, gift cards, coupons, and unique rewards. Additionally, anyone can use it and it is quick, easy, and free.

Our Team

The CEO and founder, Mr. Jipal Bhalodwala, has worked in the software business for 10 years and also has 16 years of experience running his own business in Milledgeville, Georgia. The unmatched experience, expertise and vision of a person who understands the business inside-out make the success story of RTN Lottery, Digital Display, RTN Liquor POS, RTN Pay and RTN QR Pay.

Our installation and support team members are the best in industry. Their skill and competence in this industry is one of the key features of our triumph. They treat our customers with energy, respect and promptness and give them the best service.