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Get loyalty and shopping rewards

An all-in-one mobile payment, loyalty, and rewards app is RTN Pay QR Payment. Users earn points, coupons, and special incentives with each transaction. It's also free, quick, and simple for everyone to use.

Benefits of Loyalty apps for you

  • Maintains contacts with your clients

  • Enables you to customize your offers

  • Increases convenience of your Loyalty Programs

  • Faster business growth

  • Enhances customer support

  • Allows you to be different from your competitors

By integrating top-notch loyalty and incentives technologies, our app enables businesses to draw in new customers, keep existing ones, engage them, and expand their customer base.

Buy and earn

When you check out, use RTN Pay QR Payment apps to automatically receive rewards that are eligible.

Buy again with rewards

Use them when making qualified purchases at hundreds of stores when you use RTN Pay QR Payments.

Decide how to utilize

Use a portion or all of your rewards; there is no minimum.

Send a gift card to show your love,
No matter where your dear ones live!

Online gift card transactions are an easy way to express your care, regardless of the occasion. You can purchase and send personalised gift cards with RTN QR Pay Gift Cards. With a more environmentally friendly method of gift-giving, you can also save waits, crowds, and money.

A user-friendly, intuitive platform that walks you through the entire gifting process from beginning to end in under 5 minutes is used for all of this, in addition to being simple and straightforward. After being purchased, a gift card is immediately issued, and your loved ones receive their gift cards through SMS and email, enabling them to shop in-store whenever it is most convenient for them.