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Our platform connects to
three levels with payment options

RTN QR Pay offers secure, convenient, and versatile payment solutions to fit your needs. Our platform is tailored to merchants, businesses, and individuals, providing efficient transactions and a streamlined payment experience.

Merchant to Customer
(QR Payments)

Merchants can take advantage of RTN QR Pay to offer swift and easy payment options to their customers. Our platform supports multiple payment modes, such as debit/credit cards, RTN Cash, ACH, and RTN Gift Cards, catering to the preferences of customers.

Merchants to Merchants
(Neo/Online Banking)

RTN QR Pay provides businesses a secure, efficient way to make payments. Our platform supports debit, credit, RTN Cash, ACH and RTN Gift Cards for transactions with suppliers and partners. Our service ensures quick and smooth operations, allowing businesses to focus on growth.

Customer to Customer (Domestic Money Transfer)

RTN QR Pay makes transferring money to family and friends a breeze. Our system offers many ways to send funds domestically, like debit cards, RTN Cash, ACH, or RTN Gift Cards. We provide easy, convenient solutions for your money transfer needs.

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